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Questions & Answers About the Benefit Enhancement Law
For Tiers 1 & 2

Q. As a Tier I member, if the two additional years of credit bring me to 35 years, can I retire before age 55?
A. Yes. With the 35 years of service credit, you can retire at any age under Tier l.

Q. Will the additional credit bring me over the 75 percent maximum pension factor?
A. Yes. If you are already at the maximum 75 percent (with 37 1/2 years of service credit), the additional 2 years will increase the pension factor to 79 percent.

Q. If I left teaching on June 30, 2000 and I am not yet old enough to re tire, will I still get the additional credit?
A. Yes. If you met the eligibility re quirements, the additional service credit is automatic and will be added to your benefit when you retire.

Q. Under Tier 1, will the additional credit be used in the calculation of my in-service death benefit?
A. Yes, your in-service death benefit will increase because the death benefit formula is based on your to tal service credit.

For Tiers 3 & 4

Q. I joined the Retirement System in 1992. I'm working part-time and only have 4 years of service credit. When will I be able to stop making contributions?
A. You will stop making required contributions in the year 2002. In your situation, 10 years of time will elapse since your date of membership before you receive 10 years of service credit.

Q. Will the 3 percent contributions I have already made be refunded to me?
A. No. Those contributions will remain with the System to fund your retirement benefit.

Q. If I'm a Tier 3 member, can I still take out a TRS loan even though I'm no longer making contributions?
A. Yes, you may continue to borrow from the funds you contributed. As always, you may not borrow from employer contributions and the total of a TRS loan cannot exceed 75 percent of your contributions.

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